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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Intermediate Hockey Girls Win The Final

Regardless of the outcome, going into the final the girls could be rightly proud of a great season – played 13, won 13 - undefeated in their league with an impressive tally:

Goals scored -  83

Goals Conceded - 1

As so – for those were unable to make the final yesterday, and whose children respond in monosyllables, the match report follows.

First, the opposition: Northcross played with their full line up and were a worthy finalist in their own right, coming into the final with a record of 78 scored, 9 conceded. 

The opening half saw an early goal to Kristin before the game entered into a an attritional phase not seen since the Battle of the Somme – a deadlocked battle of attrition  fought in mud and endless rain – basically Auckland weather.

Smarting from the early set-back,  Northcross threw everything forward, regularly pushing deep into Kristin territory, taking shots and  securing penalty corners.

The atrocious conditions worsened.

The fans were concerned. Could the girls hold on? Management noted that at least one father had tears in his eyes – he blamed the rain….

In the field of human endeavors never have so many owed so much to so few….and so it was at this critical time of the game, against the odds  the Kristin defence held, rushing penalty corners, disrupting the Northcross attacks and maintaining the impregnable defence till the end of the half.

Looking like a bunch of drowned rats, Barbs gave the team instructions and the second half was underway. Like the first half, it was Kristin who once again dominated the early few minutes and a second goal was secured, only for Northcross to fight back. Again the defence was called on time and time again to dig in, disrupt and slow the Northcross attack.  With the penalty corners stacking up against Kristin it seemed only moments away from the inevitable, when the girls engineered a sudden break out – and scored the decisive third goal. Northcross fought on gamely, as the rain and wind intensified, and with 10 minutes to go at last managed to penetrate the defence to score, but with the end in sight the girls dug deep to hold on and record a 3-1 victory.

With every player doing their part throughout the season, the coaching of Barbs and Aleisha, the support of the first Logistic Divisions, the fans, parents, grandparents - the girls can reflect in the years to come on the time they went through as an unbeaten team, the friendships made and the value of  teamwork.


Richard Shine (Team Manager)