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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Inspiring Workshops in Portland

Day 4 here in Portland and all I can say is that I’m loving it! The city and the people are very warm and welcoming, even though the weather may not be.

We started off today with a Public Speaking Workshop run by Dr Elizabeth Tierney (ET) at The Residence Inn. ET is known worldwide for her numerous books about presentations and speeches, and how one can be sure that they deliver the best presentation/speech possible! We learnt about pace of voice, hand gestures and weird little tips to help a speaker (eg. drinking room temperature water helps your voice sound smoother and more confident)! She worked with each of us individually, and gave us specific things that we need to work on to become better presenters in the future.

Our next stop was Green Empowerment, a non-profit organisation which focuses on providing villages in the developing world access to clean water and electricity, all through renewable energy. Their work overseas consists of solar-powered water pumps, wind turbines, micro-hydro power and many more interesting ways that they can help the villages in need. They're an awesome organisation that really is all about the bigger picture, which is something that I really admired.

Once our visit had concluded, it was back to the World Affairs Council to do some reflection and journal writing, before I headed off with Sam (host brother) to the local basketball court!

Fraser Cotterill