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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Hands Alive Puppet Theatre

The central idea for our Year 0 inquiry unit this term is ‘Stories inform and entertain us and help our imaginations to grow.’ Last week, Year 0 were entertained by a puppet show put on by the Hands Alive Puppet Theatre.

The children were enthralled by a variety of colourful puppets who came alive in stories. Following the show, Christine, the lively and animated puppeteer, showed them different types of puppets and demonstrated how they worked. The children were very excited to be given turns to manipulate them. Amongst others, there were glove puppets, string puppets and rod puppets.

We look forward to making our own puppets in Year 0 after this stimulating provocation. Both Year 0 classes have a puppet theatre and the children will all be given the opportunity to make up their own stories, using their puppets.