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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Growing Plants in 2W

As part of our Living Things Inquiry the children in 2W have been looking at why we need plants and what is needed to grow them. Each child has had the opportunity to germinate a bean seed inside a small plastic bag, so we can see exactly what happens!  We have been able to see up close what roots look like and how they start growing in a downwards direction while the shoots start growing upwards. Our next step with these will be to transfer them to a small pot so they are in some soil to gain the necessary nutrients to help them grow.

On our recent trip Year 2 trip to the Botanic Gardens we spent some time in the outdoor classroom and discovered just how much fun could be had in the planting shed! Every child learnt the best way to plant a seed and had the opportunity to do this in a small container to then bring back to school. We also had the chance to transfer a small seedling into the vegetable garden and now know exactly what to do.

Our latest planting in the classroom has involved germinating some grass seed and we have discovered that grass loves the sunshine and need sto be watered everyday!