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GAIL Exchange


Personal reflections of Amer and Jinju’s GAIL exchange to New Zealand - February 2018

At the start of this year we had two lovely students Woodstock School in India, one of our GAIL partnership schools. They stayed for five weeks and experienced life at Kristin, school camp and living in Devonport with wonderful homestay families.  Here are their final thoughts…

Written by Amer Beri, GAIL exchange student

Hello, my name is Amer Beri. I go to Woodstock school which is located in the Himalayas in Northern India. When I heard about the opportunity to go for a GAIL exchange overseas, I did not think twice because I knew it was going to be a wonderful experience. When I heard that I was going to New Zealand, I was extremely excited because I love going to new places, exploring new things and meeting new people. I have enjoyed every single thing that I have done in New Zealand especially going to a local island with my host family’s own boat.  The family I stayed with were very nice and provided me with everything I need and I experienced everything I’ve wanted to do. 

For camp week, I went to one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, Great Barrier Island. Experiencing a place like that is a dream. I just loved every second of being on camp and the feeling of swimming in the clear water of the sea was fantastic. Something that was challenging on camp was the weather. A few tents collapsed because of the heavy wind, thankfully not ours. I really enjoyed spending time with so many new people and being on Great Barrier Island was a pleasure.

If any GAIL exchange is available for any student, they should definitely grab the opportunity with both hands and come experience this wonderful country and live with some extraordinary people. I have had some good times here that I will never forget and met people that I hope I always stay in touch with. I loved being at Kristin and I hope they liked having me as well.

Written by Jinju Park, GAIL exchange student

Hello, my name is Jinju from Korea. I go to a boarding school in India called ‘Woodstock School’. The reason why I came to New Zealand is mostly because of the huge culture difference compared to India. I felt like New Zealand is somewhere that can be very different from India, not only because of day school system, but also because of atmosphere surrounding.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed is getting to know many new friends. It was very interesting to see people coming from different backgrounds and how they interact with people. On the other hand, something I’ve found very different from my culture would be making my lunches as well as making all the meals during the camp week. It was challenging to work as a team but something that is very valuable and memorable. Additionally, I had a cyclone during the camp which literally destroyed my tent. This was something I will remember even when I grow up, in a positive way of course!   

This entire experience was absolutely amazing, valuable, productive and stunning. If you ever get chance to go on exchange, it is something you DON’T want to miss out, because it is just amazing. I want to give a really big thank you to all the teachers who made this possible and supported us!  Also my homestay family who took care of me.  Thank you so much and I’m really going to miss everyone.