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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Gail Exchange - South Africa #5

We ended Tuesday night with cultural activities organised by Kimball Union and Scotch college. Scotch began by doing a presentation about Australian culture, followed by an Aussie slang kahoot- which we of course did well at. Then we did some aboriginal painting about our journey to south Africa, incorporating traditional symbols. This was followed by KUA, who taught us how to play ultimate Frisbee on the field. It was enjoyable and got really intense!

The following morning, we woke up very bright and early to go on a rendezvous with nature, led by Lapa. We went down to a river in silence and took twenty minutes to reflect on our lives and nature’s significance. We rubbed oranges on our faces and smelt them. It was very cold but peaceful and inspirational. Afterwards, we briskly walked back and had a quick breakfast. Emily was surprised by the group with balloons and a happy birthday sign in her room – she is 17 today!

In the morning, we did some activities about holism and Ubuntu. We had lunch near the river, then we went to practise the haka for our cultural night. Following this, we went to our classrooms to work on our projects for the rest of the afternoon.    

Then we had dinner, and prepared for our cultural performance- which we were all pretty nervous about. However, there was no need to worry as the performance went well and everyone loved it. We then split the cohort into two groups- one of which learnt the rakau (stick game), and the other learnt the haka. After the groups had learnt both, we brought them back together and did a haka-off. After the rival group’s performances, we all did it together, in the spirit of Ubuntu. It was pretty special. The final activity of the night we organised was a game of Dead Possum. Then, it was Woodstock’s turn, we did Bollywood dancing, followed by a traditional Indian game on the field.

We were all exhausted, but chilled for a few more hours before heading off to bed. It was a good day!

By Emily Stewart and Evelyn Marshall