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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Friends, Family, Dinner and a Show

Alumni Families’ Phantom Dinner

When families come together over a meal it strengthens relationships, improves well-being and nourishes our minds as much as our bodies. How true this was for everyone who attended our second annual Alumni Families’ Dinner as part of our Phantom of the Opera season on Saturday 19 May.

It was a delight to host our Alumni community for a relaxed buffet dinner prior to the Saturday performance of Phantom. We welcomed past parents and students alongside former staff and Board members. Together our group touched every year of Kristin, right from its foundation in 1973 and through to families of our most recent graduates – that’s 45 years of our school’s history combined in one space.

These opportunities for families to come together after the immediacy of everyday life at Kristin has passed are so important; the relationships formed during school days can be some of our most treasured.

“This dinner is something that we really look forward to,” says Sue Lyons, who has booked a table with friends two years running. “It’s a lovely way to get together with our friends from Kristin. Our boys were all close at school and now that they’re off at University, we think it’s so important to stay in touch.

“And for our family,” she continues, “we really want to support the shows, which are incredible. My son Parker got so much out of his involvement – it really helped shape him into who he is today – and I volunteered with the wardrobe; so, we definitely have a soft spot for Kristin’s performing arts.”

It has been a pleasure to connect with this group over the past two years since establishing this event and we look forward to growing the tradition and creating new opportunities for our Alumni families in the years ahead.