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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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France - Greater Understanding

The past few weeks of our stay have flown by all too quickly and Anna, Meredith and I cannot believe we only have one more week remaining here in Paris!

On Wednesday this week, instead of attending La Source, we went on our weekly trip to a tourist destination in Paris, and were accompanied by David (our tour guide and French teacher for the month). This week, the day’s trip consisted of visiting an art museum known as La Musée Nationale Gustave Moreau.

The artwork showcased at this museum was all in dedication to the works of the symbolist painter, Gustave Moreau. David mentioned that although the museum is not very well known, the work displayed is unique and cannot be found in any other museum located in Paris. We all perceived the paintings as very interesting and eye-catching, with many having an interesting historical background dating back to the life of Gustave Moreau. The architecture in the museum was also amazing, especially the vintage looking spiral staircase. We spent the majority of the day admiring the paintings, and finished the trip being renourished with delicious hot chocolates from a nearby café.

Throughout the tour around the museum, David also tested our French reading and writing skills by encouraging us to read extracts found around the museum in French. From this, with his help, our pronunciation of certain words improved further. David also set us a small task, which involved choosing our favourite painting in the museum, and writing a short description about it in French.

This week, along with our correspondents, we also returned to lessons at La Source, following camp in the previous week. We each found returning back to school a bit easier and more comforting, having made many friends during camp. Meredith, Anna and I also feel that our French skills have improved immensely within the past few weeks that we’ve been here. We now have a much broader vocabulary range, and despite the fast pace of the language, we are now able to understand and grasp a lot more words and phrases.

During the weekend, my host family also drove me to Saint Malo (a city on the north west coast of France), which was a 2½-hour drive from Paris. We stayed in a house overlooking a picturesque view of the harbour, and enjoyed splendid warm weather with clear skies. We walked along the coast of Saint Malo, and visited some of the boutiques and restaurants, which lined the streets.

Overall we all thoroughly enjoyed this week, and are looking forward to the adventures that the following week will bring.

By Jenna Sparg

Kristin School French Exchange