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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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France - Camp Week

by Elena Hergesheimer.

Camp week started with an almost 4-hour train ride from Paris to Bordeaux. Once in Bordeaux we took a 1-1/4 hour-long bus ride from Bordeaux to Temple Sur Lot (125 km away). In the end, the long journey was all worth it. The best part was being able to wake up every morning and look at the beautiful scenery of the still mirror-like lake as fog would dance above it like ballerinas.

We were all able to learn and experience many new things; from kayaking to the agriculture of apples and nuts (and so much more). I personally felt that we were able to create new amazing memories with the many new friends we’ve made. When first arriving we felt a little left out due to the language barrier. But as time flew by (too quickly!), our listening, comprehension and speaking skills improved enormously. 

To think there is only one week left with all our new friends in France! Before arriving to France I thought four weeks would be so long and that I would have all the time in the world to visit things and explore but that obviously was not the case. I believe that we have now completely indulged ourselves in the French culture. Going to France and being able to participate in the French way of life is just amazing.  

If I had the chance I would definitely re-do this exchange in Year 12. I am 100% positive that I will have the best time in France until the day I leave. Adele and her family are no longer friends or acquaintances, but are now my family as well. They were able to show me how to have a good time and enjoy French culture, which I am very grateful for. I feel that the next group of Year 10’s that go on this exchange to France will enjoy it just as much as we have.