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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Force and Motion in 3S

Year 3 have just started an exciting unit exploring different forces. Our Central Idea, ‘Force and motion happen all around us all the time’ is inspiring us to question and wonder about many things that we are experiencing every day.
Our provocation involved trying different activities and rotating around them. We worked in a small group and our focus was clear communication and questioning.

The marble rolling was fun and it made me think about why the marble rolled quickly on some of the pool noodles. Sophia

I was curious about the different size bubbles that I blew. Patrick

The hula hoop challenge was exciting because I had to see how long I could do it for. Lucy

I learned that if you twisted your body the hula hoop would spin. Andy

I learned that if you blow too hard the bubbles will pop! Janita

I learned that if a slope is steeper a car will go faster. Eline

I wonder how bubbles float without helium in them. Tanner

I wonder why the ball moved when I blew through the curly straw. Nikol

I wonder why slopes make marbles roll faster. Heidi

We are enjoying a wide range of experiments to help us to understand the forces of Push and Pull, Friction, Gravity and Magnetism.