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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Exciting Year 1 Inquiry

The central idea of our Year 1 Inquiry this term has been ‘Imagination and creativity can inspire purposeful innovation’. At the start of our inquiry the children explored working with hard and soft materials, box construction, safe use of tools and building electric circuits.

Following this introduction, the children had five exciting weeks imagining and creating, playing, sharing and reflecting on their inventions in our Maker Space. This room was purposefully set up with workbenches, tools, glue guns and materials for the students to unleash their imagination and creativity.

It was with great excitement that the first group of children in Year IS succeeded in building an electronic circuit, entirely unaided, with a switch and a speaker. Suddenly the room was filled with a fire siren!

Read Reagan Liang’s written story below:

Our Closed Circuit
Yesterday I made a closed circuit. It had a speaker. Bowen said “Wow” and I said “Cool!” The speaker went “dee dee dee.” It went like a fire alarm. We showed our mums. We had to put something under the closed circuit so the speaker could work. It had a switch. We worked like a team. I love the closed circuit.