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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Carey Exchange - Melbourne

Week Three at Carey!

This week in Australia we have started getting used to the different environment and started to settle in. The week started off with an exciting mufti day or as the Australians call it "casual clothes day". The rest of the week was spent preparing for our dreaded exams, Most of us spent the day studying by the pool in the 30 degree weather, much better than New Zealand weather! The week closed with a lovely hot weekend. 

By Sally Clauzel


Week Two at Carey!

Week Two at Carey started off with a trip to the Melbourne museum and Imax theatre, we were filled with excitement as we boarded the bus to head to the museum. The day was fun and we learnt lots of new things. To add on to our jam packed week we had athletics, we all participated and had fun showing the Aussies how we could beat them in sport!  We all looked forward to the long weekend we had ahead as we all got ready to head down to the beach for a few nights!


Week One at Carey!

Hey blog readers! The trip started off with a blast, we all arrived at the airport on time and made our way to the check in, when Matisse realised she had left her passport in the car. Luckily it was only in the car and not at home! We all got through with no problems at all, after all of the sad goodbyes to our families.

We safely made it to the other side and met our host families. We spent the rest of the afternoon settling in before school. The first day was very different, but we all had a great day. It was hard to find our classes in the beginning, but once we met a few people they showed us where to go, along with our exchange partners. The first week finished of well with being able to watch house music on Friday.

Olivia Gordon