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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Carey Baptist Exchange - Week 1

Boarding a plane without your parents may be a daunting experience, but Billie, James and I had never been so excited to depart Auckland for Melbourne! On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by our exchange partners and their families and went out for dinner in town. Then we headed to our hosts’ homes. Luckily, my exchange partner, Claire, lives only a few minutes away from school, so we were able to walk, which felt strangely nice considering I usually catch the bus to school for 1 hour!

On my first day of school at Carey, the first period was house mentor group meeting, in which the daily notices were shared. After that, I went to Chinese and Science, which were both very interesting, but different to Kristin in the way of teaching. They still use the whiteboard a lot more. At morning tea, which they call recess Claire introduced me to her friends who were very kind and welcoming, which is just what I needed after getting lost a few times already on their extensive campus. For the rest of the day I had English, Maths, Geography and a class called Acting Up - a spin on drama class. At lunch, there was practice for house music which was going to be held on Friday. House music is a lot bigger at Carey, because it is compulsory. Everyone gets into their house spirit and it's a lot of fun! After school I caught the bus to the Yarra river where the majority of the students at Carey participate in the sport of rowing. I managed to end up in a team as a crew, rowing for the first time, which was scary experience at first! By the end of the two hour session I finally found my feet after being thrown in the deep end! Overall, it was a great first day and I was itching to get back.

The next morning, Claire and I went to rowing training before school, in an attempt to become fitter for the rowing season ahead of us. Once school started we had an extra long house mentor group meeting, where we practiced our routine for the house music competition, a famous Australian song, “You're the Voice” by John Farnham, which I'd never heard before! Afterwards, we had textiles which was really cool and we did an experiment on ice dying, the result being similar to tye dying, but with a totally different process. During the rest of the day, I had History, Chinese, Maths and English. After school, it was boiling hot so we went for a swim.

When Wednesday came around, school started at 8.50am, and as per usual we had house mentor group meeting first. At Carey, PE is once a week, double period- for two hours! We took buses out to local tennis courts so we could put our tennis skills that we had learnt so far into action! Unfortunately it was 26 degrees - melting hot! After lunch I had Acting Up class and Health, which has been the most similar class to our Kristin classes so far.

On Thursday, our year group went to a show about Shakespeare and his famous monologues and soliloquies which was interesting. Once again I had rowing after school, but I swapped with Billie and rode along the side of the river with the coach.

When Friday came around, we had house music, which had the whole school buzzing! We rehearsed all day in order to perfect our performance. After lunch, the whole Middle School was in costume, wearing full makeup and excited to get onstage to showcase their talents. It was great, busy week.