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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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The day got off to a fresh start when Fraser, Annabel, Georgina, Olivia, Briana, Laura, and Grace went for a swim in the FREEZING Mediterranean water at 9 in the morning. It sure woke us up. Afterwards we ran back to the hostel to have some nice hot showers, and then we all went to the flower market. The flowers were very pretty, and there were also some fantastic paintings and drawings to look at. The food was very tasty, smelled good, and looked good too!

After that we went to a very fancy mall and had a look in the very nice shops while listening to some good music. It had been great so far, and then we went to a FANTASTIC supermarket to get dinner to eat on the train. 

We walked to the train station for the 6-hour train ride, FUN, not! When we were on the train it actually turned out to be OK but it was so nice when it was finished and we could get off the train and breathe real air. That is when we realised we were not five minutes away from the hostel but two metro rides, and a walk, fantastic… When we finally got there I was so tired, but so glad to be there, it looked GREAT. All in all an OK but tiring day, everyone was glad to be back in Paris.

Grace Stewart