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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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An exciting start to Term 2 for 1S

When 1S students arrived at school on Monday morning after the holidays, they found that their classroom environment had been transformed. In the centre of the room, a campfire had been set up. Flickering lights were glowing from between the logs and crushed orange cellophane, to make it look real. The circular seating around the fire looked inviting with cushions and blankets and the children naturally made themselves comfortable around the central fire. It was a chilly early morning and the heaters in the classroom made it feel as if there really was warmth emanating from the fire!

The aim of the campfire was for the children to feel secure on their first day back and provided an opportunity for them to share their holiday news around the campfire. To encourage participation, the children held a little light when speaking and then passed it on to a friend to have a turn. Following this, the children went back to their tables to illustrate and write about their holiday stories.

This provocation was set up after our Junior School staff professional development in the last week of the holidays, when we attended a workshop entitled ‘Making Space for Learning’. One of the conceptual understandings was Wellbeing and responsibility for learning are enhanced when the learning environment provides a safe space to learn.