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Вложени портлети

Вложени портлети

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Year 5 Maritime Museum Trip

On Thursday and Friday last week Year 5 visited the Auckland Maritime Museum as part of our Where we are in place and time unit of inquiry looking at migration.

It was a great experience! There were three different activities that made up our day.

One of the activities was a classroom activity. We took part in a discussion about what migration is and why people migrate. We learnt about some of the reasons people migrated in the past and shared our own migration stories to see if our families migrated for similar reasons. We also looked at a huge wall map of the world and were able to see where in the world people had come from to New Zealand in the past and the present. We went into the museum too and saw a cool model of the sort of waka that the first Polynesians travelled to New Zealand on. We finished this session with a drama activity where we had to get into groups and act out one of the reasons people migrate – it was lots of fun!

The second activity was a cool ride on an old sail boat! We donned our life jackets and away we went! The boat was the sort of boat that people might have travelled to New Zealand on when the first explorers, Abel Tasman and James Cook, came here. Very different from the cruise ships we sometimes see parked in the harbour! Some of our group got a bonus on the boat trip when they watched bungy jumpers under the harbour bridge and saw a sea lion swimming in the water. Others helped pull the sails up on the boat and did a conga around the boat – more fun!

Before lunch we went outside to watch the cannon launch! We counted down from 10 and BOOM! Man, it was loud! After lunch we had a chance to look around the rest of the museum with our group. It’s an amazing place telling the history of the arrival of different people to our country and the impact it has had on New Zealand over time.

It was a really fun day and we totally recommend you visit the Maritime Museum. We are so lucky to have it in our community.