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Вложени портлети

Вложени портлети

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Year 5 Brian Falkner visit

On Thursday 28 April Year 5 were treated to a visit from a fantastic author, Brian Falkner. He stayed with us for the whole day!

He began his visit by sharing some of his books and the ideas in his books with us. He talked about how he got his ideas by doing things like asking himself questions using expressions like “What if…?” and by taking ideas from his own life, “taking facts and turning them into fiction”. Brian also talked about the importance of research. He wowed us with his ability to say hello in many different languages. Congratulations to Christopher who won a copy of Brian’s book - Maddy West and the Tongue Taker.

After morning tea, 6 teams took part in “Story Sports”. The teams were given a series of writing challenges – things like writing the opening to a book to pull people in or writing the movie trailer for a book! Two teachers and Brian judged the results. While the teams were writing, the audience were also given some challenges where they had to identify the beginnings or covers of well-known books. The speedy winners won some useful treats like cool pencils, erasers, little notepads and rulers. The winning team of the Story Sports each won a copy of one of Brian’s books, specially signed by the author.

In the afternoon, 24 lucky Year 5 budding writers had the opportunity to take part in a writing workshop with this wonderful author where he shared many tips on successful writing with them. Who knows? Maybe it will be one of them one day who will be the author visiting our school!