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Вложени портлети

Вложени портлети

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The Blue Mountains

Last weekend we went to the Blue Mountains, which are two hours out of Sydney. The weekend was absolutely amazing!

To get there we had to take a 12-hour train ride to Sydney and then a bus ride to our first stop… BONDI BEACH! We went for a swim and it was so clear and so nice, definitely a beach I would want to come back too. Obviously being in Sydney we saw the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which were both so cool.

Jason (my host dad Darren’s brother) picked us up for the next stage of the trip. I would tell you about what I saw driving to the mountains, but I was fast asleep – it had been a long day and I only had a little sleep on the train. In the Blue Mountains we did bush walks, swimming under water falls and had Halloween with all the little kids. I loved the three-hour walk we did - we saw the Three Sisters and some amazing views! Overall the weekend was one I will never forget. 


The Kiwi over the Ditch (Amara Labb)

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