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Вложени портлети

Вложени портлети

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Carey Baptist Exchange - Week 2

We had already survived our first week at Carey Grammar School meeting plenty of new friends and teachers. After experiencing all of my classes I now knew my way around the Middle School. Carey has a two week roster, the first week is week A and the second week is week B. This week it was week B. First we had mentor group meeting as usual. The first class I had was Maths. Bella was learning probabilities which was great because I had never really learned it before. It was nice to learn something new. Then we had English, luckily for me Carey was learning Shakespearean language and poems which I had done before, so I could help out the students at Carey answer the questions in the workbook. For the rest of the day I had World History, French, CARE (community and religious education) and Science.

After school Sarah, James, Bella, Matt, Claire and I all had rowing down at the Yarra. On the weekend the weather had been terrible. Raining constantly with massive thunder and lightning storms, which was really scary! The Yarra river had risen a lot because of all the rain. There were many plastic bottles and rubbish everywhere in the river after the storm. Finally it was my first turn to row in a boat. I was really excited but nervous because I didn’t know if it was going to be hard or easy. James, Sarah and I rowed in the same boat with another exchange student from Canada, called Sam. We all got on well because we were exchange students. James, Sarah and Sam had all rowed before, but it was my first time so I was worried. Once was had done half a lap of the Yarra river, we turned around to go back to the boat shed. All four of us were rowing really hard and really fast, then all of a sudden BANG. We had crashed in to the side of the Yarra river bank. It was quite embarrassing because there was a lot of rowing boats passing us. But once we got ourselves out of that sticky situation we were sweet to go, rowing at a good steady pace. It was good to learn, try new things here. It’s what makes this exchange special.