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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

International Student Testimonials

Kristin School has been fortunate to host a number of students from overseas. They have joined us for either long or short-term periods.

Our currrent international students share their experiences at Kristin with you:

Apisara Chamnong from Songkhla, Thailand


Sofia Gianotti, Francesca Cardile and Beatrice Bolla from Italy


Sofia Gianotti from Milano, Italy

Arianna Fummi from Piacenza, Italy

Francesca Cardile from Sicily, Italy


Nodoka Inoue from Tokyo, Japan

Kwan Lam from Hong Kong, China

Liwei Xie from Jiangsu, China

Wilky Siu from Tahiti, French Polynesia

Gabriela Ariza Mojica from Bogota, Colombia

Raffaele Riverso from Milan, Italy

Do Linh Chu from Hanoi, Vietnam

Elisabeth Zahn from Cologne, Germany

Jung Woo Bae from Seoul, Korea

Pornchanok Thanomkul from Bangkok, Thailand

Takashi Segawa from Tokyo, Japan

Isaac Hoshi originally from Tokyo, Japan

Theo Malaper from Brittany, France

Maite Rojas McKenzie from Santiago, Chile

بورتليت متداخلة

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