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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 15th March
Congratulations to the following students: YEAR 2 Emily Logue for her creative simile writing Yolanda Shen for being a focused learner and a great role model in Chinese...
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Year 3 Zoo Adventure
Wednesday 14th March
As part of our Biomes Inquiry, 3T and the rest of Year 3 had an exciting time on our Zoo visit. We looked at different Biomes and which animals and plants live in them. We also noticed...
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PYP Parent Seminar
Wednesday 14th March
On Monday evening 25 Junior School parents attended our PYP parent seminar. They experienced some ‘old school’ teaching and an activity much more in line with a PYP experience that our...
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2018 Junior School Production - 16 November
Wednesday 7th March
We are excited to announce our 2018 Junior School Production - Disney’s The Artistocats KIDS. Based on the beloved Disney animated film, and featuring a jazzy, upbeat score,...
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Year 4 Camp
Wednesday 28th February
The Year 4’s have just returned from their amazing first camp away from school and home. As a class, 4D reflected on the parts of camp they most enjoyed, giving a firm reason why they...
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A Shared Experience
Wednesday 28th February
Every Day 5, Year 2 have the opportunity to spend time as a whole group. Each of the four classes has their turn to host and this special assembly begins with saying the school motto....
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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 22nd February
A very warm welcome to the following students who have joined us this term:   Year 1 Kade Evans, Henry Frizelle, Anika Ganesh, Hedy Goodchild, Zoe Gottschen, Jacob...
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Year 2 Making Friends
Wednesday 14th February
2T have started off the year by unpacking our central idea that Social skills are needed to make friends. We discussed the attributes  of what makes a good friend and also what we...
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6Q's Productive Start
Wednesday 14th February
6Q have had a busy and productive start to the new school year. We have discussed what makes a positive learning environment and formed a Class Treaty, chosen personal goals for ourselves,...
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2W Back to school 2018
Thursday 8th February
The beginning of the school year for 2018 has being an amazing start for 2W. The students have being so excited to be back at school and they have shown great enthusiasm for the new...
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بورتليت متداخلة

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 0

  • Alex Saville for drawing beautiful koru patterns around his sun painting
  • Harry Saville for being courageous when writing stories independently
  • Harmony Li for reflective thinking and confident communication in Inquiry
  • Mateo Palliser for demonstrating perseverance and enthusiasm for Reading
Year 1
  • Amie Goodwin for being a diligent learner when recognising places and helpers at school in Chinese
  • George Guan for being such a principled student
  • Zorro Robinson for being a thinker and taking care with his written work
  • Lucas Alexander for showing commitment and enthusiasm in all areas of school life
  • Murdoch Forrester for the confidence you are showing during your Visual Art lessons
  • Jennie Liang for being a dedicated and diligent learner in Chinese and Year 1 and 2 Choir
  • Victoria Xin for being a responsible learner who always does her best work
  • Marcos Caithness Ruiz for showing strong thinking skills when learning about animals and their habitats
  • Yunie Choi for putting 100% into everything she does. You're a great role model Yunie
  • Martin Chen for asking relevant and interesting questions during the Year One trip to the Zoo
  • Ryan Zeng for working hard to read expressively when reading aloud
Year 2
  • Quenna Han for being enthusiastic and knowledgeable in our Living Things inquiry
  • Isaac Johnson Kucera for taking responsibility for our learning in Visual Art lessons
  • Chloe Wu for always working to her best in Chinese
  • Harrison Yin for using great ideas in his persuasive writing
  • Joyce Deng for always trying her best and taking great pride in the presentation of her work
  • Lucy Jack for her happy and enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of her work
  • Roy Luo for showing enthusiasm and independence towards his inquiry research
  • Sonia Zhao for having a positive attitude towards learning and working hard at reading
  • Tanner Congdon for making excellent progress in Chinese AND Welcome to Kristin
  • Samuel Shen for always being a reliable and responsible member of the class
  • Nikol Sudareva for being an inquirer and sharing her knowledge and insights confidently
Year 3
  • Alpha Chen for hard work and determination in Reading this year
  • William Hay for being open-minded and reflective when trying new Math problems
  • Tiffany Li for demonstrating enthusiasm and passion in learning Chinese
  • Ulyana Ruzich for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical
  • Xing Han Yi for demonstrating enthusiasm and curiosity during our inquiry units
  • Lucia Amos for consistent progress in reading and for using a range of comprehension skills
  • Oliver Gao for creative writing using a range of genres
  • HanMing Shen for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dances for The Jungle Book musical
  • Dora Zhou for her positive attitude and clever problem solving in Maths
  • Damon Dai for improved focus and achievement in Maths
  • Lexie Freeman for outstanding reading skills
  • Scout Harris for outstanding reading skills
  • Julius Lin for improved focus and skills in oral language
Year 4
  • Jake Bryham for excellent collaboration with partners in many different subject areas
  • Jeremy Tobin for contributing  his thoughts and sharing his ideas with his peers
  • Justin Zhong for being a confident and knowledgeable mathematician who is willing to explain his thinking with others
  • Harrison Fulop for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical
  • Bianca Lee for outstanding progress in Reading
  • Maya Nagarajan for preparing an interesting and informative presentation about Diwali
  • Amy Zhong for using basic facts knowledge to solve increasingly complex Maths problems
  • Sadie McGavin for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical 
  • Maique Pang for being a reflective and courageous thinker
  • Eric Yan for being a courageous and open-minded learner
  • Lisa Yang for being a caring and principled 4B class member
Year 6
  • Katie Black for being a fantastic class member, and always giving 100% to all classroom activities
  • Flynn Harrison for using descriptive language when creating characters and settings
  • Cayden Isted for engaging positively with all classroom activities
  • Sam Le Noel for being a reliable and cheerful member of Treble Clefs and at class rehearsal
  • Mara Ziegler for great attention to detail during our forensics investigations
  • Kyle Graham-Moore for his excellent attitude and hard work demonstrated in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Timothy Lee for being a fantastic addition to Kristin. You are kind, thoughtful and conscientious
  • David Lou for fantastic achievement across all areas of learning this year
  • Blake Swanson for always giving 100% effort and fantastic achievement in our recent Maths e-asTTle
  • Richard Xun for being a conscientious learner who strives to do his best
  • Andy Zhang for a positive year of growth, humour and kindness to others
  • Hisashi Ariga for always having a great attitude to school. Great focus in Mathematics this term
  • MingYang Du for great attitude to school life and focusing carefully in all curriculum areas
  • Olivia Herrmann for great attitude to school life and fabulous word choices during Writing
  • Sophie Li for being a dedicated member of Treble Clefs and a sincere learner in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Issy Morgan for incredible focus and attitude in Mathematics
  • India Skinner for working hard to look after her voice when being a diligent member of the production and Treble Clefs