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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Phantom Of The Opera Cast List
Thursday 7th December
We are thrilled to announce the Cast of the 2018 Senior School Production - The Phantom of the Opera. Click here to view the cast list>> Congratulations, and a huge thank you...
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Junior School Bouquets
Friday 1st December
  Congratulations to the following students: Year 0 Jacqueline An for communicating her thoughts, questions and ideas confidently Harmony Li for being a...
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Junior School Cluster Athletics
Thursday 30th November
Kristin School hosted the Northern Bays Cluster Athletics on Tuesday 28 November. Kristin had a 25-strong team qualify across track and field events. Top Placings: Lucinda Cotton,...
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AUT Millennium Swim School
Friday 17th November
It would be great to see Kristin students develop and extend their swimming skills and confidence over the summer holidays. This will also build on our school swimming programmes and keep...
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Junior School Bouquets
Friday 17th November
Congratulations to the following students: Year 0 Alex Saville for drawing beautiful koru patterns around his sun painting Harry Saville for being courageous when...
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Year 5 Camp Bentzon
Wednesday 15th November
C lambering off the ferry, can’t wait to find our room A wesome, excited children, early morning wharf jumping M agical mornings packed with hyper and happy kids P eacocks pecking at the...
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Detectives in Action
Wednesday 15th November
One Thursday at the beginning of November, Year 2 became Coastal Biodiversity Detectives. Our transdisciplinary theme is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and we boarded two buses bound for Long Bay...
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Our Year 0 Trip to Stardome
Wednesday 15th November
We had an exciting outing to Stardome last week. It was a long way to the venue, but we were lucky as our driver could use the bus lane on the motorway. We zoomed past all the cars that...
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Year 4 love dolphin diving
Wednesday 8th November
We can hardly contain our excitement as we climb on board the bus to take us to the pool for our swimming lesson. The bus driver gets us there right on time and we hardly have to wait at...
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Meerkats at The Zoo
Wednesday 8th November
Last Wednesday, the Year 1 students visited Auckland Zoo as part of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. The class learned about many different animals’ features and how they have...
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بورتليت متداخلة

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Great learning and sharing in Year 5

It has been a great week this week! We have had two very unique opportunities to share our learning across the year level.

Firstly, we had the privilege of listening to an awesome debate. It was run by members of Mr Lockyer’s enrichment group who worked hard to try to persuade us that a specific body system was the most important! We learnt heaps, not only about the big body systems like the skeletal system and the respiratory system, but also about the chemical systems like the endocrine system and the immune system. The debaters used incredibly powerful persuasive language tools to convince us. Congratulations to the chemical body systems people – they were judged the winning team on the day!

The second cool opportunity we had to share our learning was through two awesome APPs, one called Explain Everything and the other called Aurasma. We worked hard on our personal inquiries to research and answer a key question about a specific body system. Then we wrote explanations to answer our questions. We recorded these on Explain Everything and uploaded these to Aurasma.  We then used graffiti boards we had made to use as an aura that others could scan with their Aurasma APP to listen to our recordings. We spent some time visiting each Year 5 room to see other people’s graffiti boards and to listen to their explanations. This was a great way to enrich our own learning.