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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Wheels Day in the Junior School

Wheels Day, 19 June 2018, was a roaring success! The sun shone, and the students and wheels turned out in their masses- from scooters and bikes to hoverboards and skateboards. The Junior School Student Council worked hard to prepare a safe and exciting event for everyone to enjoy - starting by conducting a survey and planning the event based on student feedback. Student Council organised the road closures, advertising and teacher supervision, alongside Ms Chapman and Mr Hutton.

The highlight of this Wheels Day was the new course layout, as requested by many, including speed bumps and roundabouts for our more adventurous riders. It was fantastic to witness many different skill levels taking part, and all students sharing the road.

A big ‘thank you’ to the wonderful Student Council for the time and effort put into organising this event, and to all who participated for their energy and enthusiasm!

(Student Council members: Erin Lee, Nikolina Stulich, Romy Jiang, Alec Juan, Bianca Lee, Christian Skinner, Imogen Forrester, Rachel Tran, Selena Chen)