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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Outdoors fun for Year 2

Anyone who has taken a child to the beach will know the joy that is experienced when there is a chance to play in the sand. The large sandpit in the Year 2 playground is ‘hands down’ the most popular place to be at break times. So, when some new equipment arrived this week, there was great excitement as new opportunities to dig and create were envisioned.

Our current unit of inquiry has the transdisciplinary theme ‘Where we are in Place and Time’ and we have been looking at the lives of pioneer children at school and in their leisure time. On a recent visit to Howick Historical Village the Year 2 children had the opportunity to play with indoor and outdoor toys from the 1800s. While we discovered that children still enjoy the same games such as marbles, skipping and hopscotch, the main difference was the natural materials that the toys were made from. With this in mind, and the current global focus to use less plastic, it is only fitting that our new sandpit equipment is made from recycled sugar cane.