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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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La Source and Printemps. Almost Home

Today we visited La Source, Kristin’s sister school for the French Dovetail Exchange students. We had a warm reception at the railway station with Caroline and a large group of past and upcoming exchange students there to meet us. They accompanied us to the school and we were provided with a tasty breakfast consisting of mini pains au chocolat and croissants with a bowl of tea in the school canteen.

After sharing friendly conversations, we were taken on a tour around the school buildings and the surrounding area in smaller groups. Our tour guides told us that they often went to the local bakery a few minutes away from school to get lunch. All of the students were very kind and talked to us like old friends. It was also surprising that they didn’t have uniforms and that they had fashionable clothes. After the visit we sat on some stone benches and took photos. We said a reluctant goodbye and we are all really looking forward to their arrival in Auckland in June.

For the rest of the afternoon we split into groups. My group took the métro to Châtelet to enjoy a meal in a traditional French café. I had confit de canard (duck leg cooked in duck fat), others had a croque madame or croque monsieur and pasta. We then checked out a bookstore nearby which sold incredibly cheap books. They were second-hand but still in quite good condition and irresistible so we bought some interesting looking ones. I really hope that we can understand them, it would be a great feeling of success.

Outside the famous Printemps mall we saw two men painted in gold acting like statues, a man who could sing like a bird and a street magician, although his tricks were rather old – pulling handkerchiefs out of his mouth or making things disappear.

Tomorrow we will meet downstairs with our luggage at 7am for breakfast and then we take the métro to the airport and head back to New Zealand.

Cecilia Zhang