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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Gail Exchange - South Africa #7

July 7th – The Final Day of our GAIL Convention

We woke up around 7:30 ready to finish our projects and finalise our debates. Breakfast was didn’t last long, as people were keen to finish their projects and present them to the best of their ability. The hour we had went by fast, before we knew it all 8 teams had project boards displayed around the auditorium foyer for everyone to view. It was amazing to see what everyone had put together in just 4 hours of team planning time. The displays were colourful, informative and interesting to look at.  

After lunch and a few questions from the judges about our project boards, we started on the debates. Each group went head to head with their given opposition, there were eight groups in total. They were funny to watch because they got a little bit heated. There were some unexpected questions and answers from groups and overall it was entertaining.  After much deliberation from the judges, they came up with two winners; group 4 (who had Shania) and group 8 (who had Taylor) and they all won prizes. These were teams with the strongest arguments about what we need to thrive and flourish as human beings. Afterwards, we voted via kahoot on which members of the convention were most helpful, funny, best dressed, most likely to win X factor, etc.  It was fun and Taylor got nominated and won the ‘Cheerful Cheerleader’ award and was also nominated for the ‘Ribtickler award’, Lauren was nominated for the ‘Most likely to be a ninja’ award.

Once we had finished thanking everyone and handing out the awards, we all got changed into our party clothes and headed over to Pro Act (the meeting place) for dinner, which was a Braai (South African BBQ) in front of the fire.  After dinner, we all went to watch a very talented South African pop singer “Zanzi” and her drummer perform for us. She performed mostly traditional songs that the other South Africans knew.  Then the Prestige Outdoor Ed teacher bought in his pet snakes and a few of us got to hold them.  Finally, we turned up the speakers and began the party back at the dorms, as a whole group, for a couple more hours.

Overall GAIL was a life changing experience and we will all miss the friends that we made. Everyone in our team has commented on how easy it was make friends and feel comfortable with other GAIL schools so quickly. There are many people who will be life-long friends because of this experience.  GAIL is about making connections from around the world which definitely has happened at this convention.  It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone the next day – luckily we can stay connected thanks to wifi as our GAIL experience continues.

By Lauren Petch and Arianna Lydford