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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Gail Exchange - South Africa #6

We woke up at 8 o'clock excited and ready to see what we had planned for today. After a hearty breakfast we made our way down to the Pro Act (meeting place) where we met with Bruce for a thought provoking presentation about letting go and always having yourself. The presentation started with us all collecting objects from nature that spoke to us and placing them silently on a table. Bruce told us that the table was symbolic of what we could accomplish together in unity with nature. Afterwards he performed a range of wind instruments including a nose flute and even an irrigation pipe. Everyone enjoyed the performances we clapped and danced along appropriately. He then told us to write seven things that gave us meaning in our lives and then to throw them away I sets of two until there was only one left. This exercise was difficult and thought us to appreciate the things we have in everyday life.

After Bruce’s presentation, we went on a game drive 20 minutes’ drive out from the school – Mongena Game Lodge. This was a lot of fun and we saw plenty of animals including giraffes, wildebeest, crocodiles, zebra, and impalas. The scenery was awesome. Being out in the African bush was an amazing experience. It was interesting and different to be in the bush with large animals as opposed to birds. We then had afternoon tea provided by the guides.

In the evening after dinner we had Robert Gordon’s collage (Scotland) and WISS (China) entertain us. We started with traditional Ceilidh (pronounced 'kay-lee') dancing which was fun and exciting. It was then on to WISS’s entertainment where we played a game of Chinese freeze tag, this was an intense game that was super fun.

Overall a great day with lots of new and different experiences.

By Nathan Hall and Ben Sharp