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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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GAIL Exchange - South Africa #3

4th July 2017 – Cradle of Human Civilisation

We woke up at 4:30am to be ready for the two-hour bus ride to the Cradle of Human Civilisation exhibit. It was a very slow morning and we didn’t see the sunrise until we had gotten on the bus. On the bus, we played New Zealand music which everybody on the bus enjoyed.  At 10.30 we arrived at the first cave exhibit,  got our helmets on and saw a brief introduction to the history of human evolution. Then we headed into the caves where ancient human remains have been found,  which was amazing, they were huge and we were even able to see bones and teeth in the wall. Also, we saw a bat which many of us were intrigued by, but then we started to worry about what other animals lurked in the darkness. Although cold caves woke everybody up from our drowsiness as we had a party the night before.

Throughout the cave experience, we learnt about famous fossils that had been discovered there such as “Mrs Ples” who is over 3 million years old. After we had come out of the caves, we then travelled for another thirty minutes to the next exhibition which was impressively built into a hill in order to represent how fossils were found and where our history lies. There were amazing forms of presentation of the information, even including a water ride through the formation of the world. Although, as we went through the museum, we were very hungry as some of us had not eaten since 5:30am. By the time we had lunch, it was 2:00pm.

After eating a hearty lunch, we had one of the main tour guides gift the group a pile of rocks which each rock was personalised with our own names and schools. The rocks were like a way of making a mark on where we had been and how we were all connected. The plan was to take the rocks back to Prestige as like a memory of this whole GAIL experience. Rocks in hand we raced back down to the bus and piled in. A long 3 hour bus ride back to the college involved waiting for a new driver, but we rocked the bus with laughter, chatter, singing and even dancing. Tumbling down the bus steps with bellies grumbling towards the dining hall. Now we are awaiting a drumming performance from Prestige College to finish off the night.

By Taylor Dunn and Evelyn Marshall