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Water Polo Super 6
Thursday 5th March
Girls A couple of weeks before school started, the Premier Girls Water-polo team...
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NHSS Swimming Champion
Thursday 5th March
An outstanding achievement by Kelsi Boocock who competed in the NHSS Swimming...
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NHSS Athletics Day
Thursday 5th March
Kristin competed in this North Harbour regional event with the biggest team ever this...
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Literacy Afternoon
Thursday 5th March
On Tuesday afternoon our Year 1 and Kindergarten teachers presented key information...
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Year 5 Art Gallery Trip
Thursday 5th March
Last week Year 5 visited the Auckland Art Gallery as part of their ‘How We Express...
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Year 4 Huia Camp
Thursday 5th March
Last week the children in Year 4 spent three wonderful days at Huia.  The central...
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We Are Bucket Fillers
Thursday 5th March
This term Year 2’ s unit of inquiry has been all about making friends. To help the...
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