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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

Welcome to the Junior School

Kristin Junior School caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Our innovative and proven programmes are designed to challenge our students while ensuring that their natural inquisitiveness, their creativity and the inherent sense of fun are nurtured along the way.

Our teachers are professional educators who have the children's best interests at heart. The International Baccalaureate framework supports their skills and expertise, providing support and extension opportunities for all students. This capacity for differentiation allows students to access the curriculum at their level, while encouraging individual growth and achievement of personal bests.

Kristin is the first school in New Zealand authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), which all students follow alongside the New Zealand Curriculum.

Junior School News 
Junior School Bouquets
Friday 19th May
Congratulations to the following students:   Year 2 Bowha Kim for sharing her ideas and knowledge with confidence in our Inquiry Chloe Wu for being knowledgeable...
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Year 2 Wonderful Weather
Thursday 18th May
Arriving back to school with the change of season has been a wonderful provocation for our new inquiry about weather. We started the term walking around the school and observing what was...
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Year 4 Play in the Sandbox
Thursday 18th May
The Year 4's had an exciting new toy to explore with this term - a sandbox!   We manipulated the sand using our hands to re-create the shore of camp as well as the hills and...
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Making a Difference
Wednesday 10th May
This term we have been learning about people who have shaped the future through their actions. We have all heard about people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Steve Irwin, but did you...
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Year 1 love the new Playhouse
Wednesday 10th May
Week 1 of Term 2, Year 1 was lucky enough to have their new playhouse delivered.  The students were so excited and couldn’t wait to get in and play. Children have been busy making...
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1S had a visit from the Storyteller
Wednesday 10th May
During Week 1 a Storyteller flew through Kristin School and lost her bag of ideas for her stories. She left a letter asking 1S for help in finding the bag. The letter had lots of glittery...
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Nested Portlets

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Wednesday 24th May
Year 6 Camp
Sunday 28th May - Thursday 1st June
Queen's Birthday
Monday 5th June
International Peace Night Concert
Wednesday 7th June - Thursday 8th June
Monday 12th June
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