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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

Kristin Performing Arts

Whether in the spotlight or the wings, behind a microphone or the lighting desk, there is something for everyone in the Performing Arts at Kristin. Excellent Music, Drama and Dance programmes are offered through the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, NCEA and the International Baccalaureate.

Annual performance events include productions, music and drama festivals (on a regional and national level), dance performances, concerts and multi-cultural celebrations. Kristin is proud of a tradition of excellence and an outstanding reputation in the Performing Arts. Whatever the discipline of choice, the experience is certain to be unique and enriching for every student who chooses to become part of a Performing Arts event at Kristin.

Connecting Through Performance

In a technology driven world, the Performing Arts continue to provide a bridge to self-expression. Although information can cross the planet in the blink of an eye, effectively communicating with the person next to us can sometimes prove impossible. Connections through performance, however, can speak volumes, transcend barriers, ignite the senses and touch the soul, without a word being exchanged. Through the range of Performing Arts opportunities available at Kristin students can learn to truly express themselves, thereby discovering a sense of themselves in the world - of their potential to explore, to create and to communicate.

Uniquely Kristin

The quality of our Performing Arts processes, productions and co-curricular programmes is our point of difference and forms the basis of our strong reputation. Our highly professional and passionate Performing Arts team, supported by a superb group of parents, is committed to consistently providing our students with unique, life-changing experiences. All three schools collaborate in key production events and in addition to performance participation, there are opportunities for hands-on experience in aspects of staging, lighting, sound, wardrobe and theatre management.

Latest Performing Arts News 
New Zealand Opera Performace
Wednesday 5th April
The New Zealand Opera performed to Year 7 and 8 on Tuesday. It was very entertaining performance showcasing their humor, voices and...
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West Side Story
Thursday 23rd March
"The Jets are gonna have their day. Tonight! The Sharks are gonna have their way. Tonight!" In preparation for the big fight scene...
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Euphony Camp
Monday 20th March
Euphony spent the weekend at Peter Snell Youth Village, Gulf Harbour working with David Squire and Gracie Francis. The girls are working...
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As seen on Seven Sharp
Monday 20th March
Friday marked a fantastic day for the Kristin students performing at the biggest Pacific Cultural and Dance festival in the world. 30...
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Nested Portlets

Upcoming Events 
SS Production - West Side Story
Thursday 11th May - Saturday 13th May
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