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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

International Opportunities

As well as the opportunities for international experiences offered directly through the International Services centre, Kristin students benefit from a myriad of activities, events and trips that celebrate the international culture of our school.

International and exchange students join together with language students, clubs, groups and committees to run a series of events and fundraisers throughout the year. One of the major showcases on Kristin's cultural diversity is the annual International Peace Night, a collaborative project between the International Committee and UNESCO Club, which utilises the talents of over 100 students every year. All funds raised from the two-night showcase are donated to an international charity of each groups' choosing.

Language, cultural and service trips offer students from all three schools the opportunity to experience life in a new and challenging environment. For example, some of the recent trips have included a journey for Year 11 and 12 Humanities and Commerce students to Vietnam, a Year 6 expedition to Beijing, an 8-day service trip to Ladakh, India, and a musical tour of the UK for our premier girls' choir, Euphony.

Our International Blogs are a great way to stay up to date with the many local activities and international adventures of our students.

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Nested Portlets

Latest International Blogs 
GAIL Exchange to Kimball Union Academy
Over the summer holidays, I had the privilege of being the first GAIL exchange student from Kristin to experience life at Kimball Union...
Ritsumeikan Exchange: The Golden Pavilion
Today I woke up, and to my delight, there had been a large covering of snow throughout the city. After the initial joy of going outside...
Ritsumeikan Exchange: Skiing
On Monday of this week, school was closed to allow the Junior High students to sit their high school entrance exams. My host family and I...
Ritsumeikan Exchange: Tea Ceremony
I was lucky enough to partake in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony called "Chanoyu". For this, formal attire was required so my host...
Ritsumeikan Exchange: Pottery Class
Following an enjoyable few days over Oshogatsu (New Year's) my host family and myself headed to Osaka. After a long ride on a train I...
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