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Early Learning

Making the decision to have a child is momentous; some say it is like choosing to have your heart walk around outside of your body for the rest of your life. So, then choosing the first school for your child is perhaps an even bigger decision. As parents, first and foremost, we want our children to be happy; but we know there are important lessons to be learned along the way so that they can enjoy a successful life as adults themselves one day.

What makes Kristin Early Learning special? By bringing your child to Kristin, you are joining a community with shared high expectations, one that wants the best for its children. Programmes are designed to tap into the natural curiosity of the children, while ensuring their creativity and their inherent sense of fun are nurtured.

Ultimately, our collective aim is to ensure they are well prepared for school, with a solid foundation of literacy, numeracy and social skills established. But, childhood is not a race to see who can learn to read, write and count the fastest. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at a pace that's right for each individual child.

Current educational research supports what we have long held to be true; that the foundation for success in life is laid with children in their early years. Every child comes to school with their own gifts and talents. We see the role of Kristin Early Learning as providing a rich environment of opportunities for students to discover their strengths, and passions. It is also a place for children to learn how to learn, to build up a toolbox of skills that will set them up for success their years at school.

- Diana Patchett, Junior School Principal

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Latest Junior School News 
Year 6 Flippa Ball
Thursday 25th May
The Year 6 Barracudas Flippa Ball team compete on Sunday afternoons in the Year 5/6 North Harbour Flippaball competiton held at Millennium pools. The Y5/6 competition is split into 5...
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Conservation Unit of Inquiry in Year 5
Thursday 25th May
In 5M we have just finished an amazing unit of inquiry exploring conservation and why it is necessary. We have worked on personal inquiries where we have researched an endangered species and...
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1C dance at the Museum
Thursday 25th May
Imagine sharing a story without needing to use any words; telling a tale of times past using only music and hand gestures; spending the entire night dancing under the stars by the ocean to...
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Junior School Bouquets
Friday 19th May
Congratulations to the following students:   Year 2 Bowha Kim for sharing her ideas and knowledge with confidence in our Inquiry Chloe Wu for being knowledgeable...
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