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Ritsumeikan-Uji High School Exchange

Ritsumeikan-Uji is a prestigious private, coeducational school and currently has more than 1500 students. The school's origins stretch back to 1869 when a private academy was established on the site of the former Kyoto Imperial Palace. In 1913 the school formally adopted the name of Ritsumeikan, which means "a place to cultivate oneself". By 1994 the institution had begun a seven-year English immersion programme consisting of three years at High School and four years at University. Ritsumeikan Uji also offers the IB Diploma programme to a select group of students.

The Ritsumeikan institutions now include two universities - one in Kyoto and the other in Beppu, Kyushu - and its Junior and Senior High Schools in Uji, Kyoto. The school is located in the Uji tea-growing district, which is steeped in cultural and imperial history.

The school year of two semesters begins in April and ends in March. Five one-hour classes are held each weekday as well as Saturday morning programmes.

33-1 Hakkenyadani Hirono,
Uji, Kyoto, JAPAN 611-0031


Mrs Takado Todd
Teacher In Charge
Email Mrs Todd

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Dovetail Exchange Students – Ritsumeikan-Uji

2016 - Joe Gauld
2014 - Jennifer Gu
2010 - Caleb Coppersmith, Mika Deane
2008 - Scott Ashby
2007 - James Seabrook-Davison
2006 - Andrew De Vine, Samantha Schipper
2005 - Billy Kim
2004 - Richard Mckenzie, Michelle Weir
2003 - Vicky Rodewyk
2002 - Toby Alexander

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