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Вложени портлети

Вложени портлети

Documents & Resources

Misplaced a letter or permission slip? Interested in accessing our parent support material? This collection of documents and resources may have just the thing you are looking for. Please note that not all letters and forms are appropriate to be loaded online. If you can't find what you are looking for here please contact the Junior School.

School Documents

2016 Literacy Information Presentation >>

2016 PYP Parent Evening Presentation >>

2016 Junior School Handbook >>

2016 Co-Curricular Handbook >>

Digital Citizenship >>

Letters, Forms and Instruction Sheets

Parent Teacher Interview Booking Instructions >>

Other Curriculum Resources

Overview of iPads for Year 4-6 Students >>

National Standards after one year at school >>

National Standards after two years at school >>

National Standards after three years at school >>

National Standards at the end of Year 4 >>

National Standards at the end of Year 5 >>

National Standards at the end of Year 6 >>

Online Assessment Data Explanation >>

Support Resources

Year 7 Raising Confident and Resilient Children >>

International Baccalaureate Information for Parents >>

The Incredible Years Parenting Programmes >>

Parentingideas Magazine >>


Kristin Junior School
09 415 9566 Ext 2395

Вложени портлети

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