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بورتليت متداخلة

بورتليت متداخلة

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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 19th October
Congratulations to the following students:   Year 0 Hao Hao Chen for being reflective and communicating what he learnt at  the Year 6 exhibition Olivia...
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A big day for the smallest members of Kristin Junior School
Wednesday 18th October
Monday 16 October marked a very special day for the newest members of Kristin Junior School, as they began their exciting school adventure. Many of the students in 0D are continuing on...
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Dancing in Year 1
Wednesday 18th October
During Term 3, Year 1 Students enjoyed learning dance as part of Sport lessons.  The children learnt 4 new dances,  improved their gross motor and coordination skills and had a...
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Year 6 Beijing Trip
Wednesday 18th October
We’re back! We had the most amazing time in Beijing – sightseeing, shopping, swimming and more! This is truly a trip with something for everyone – we all came back with a different...
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Junior School Beijing Tour 2017
Saturday 30th September
Day 8: Wangfujing Street and Pearl Market Round 2! It was a relaxing start to the day with a hotel pool swim before breakfast, building an appetite to devour a hearty breakfast, then...
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Product Creation in 5B
Wednesday 27th September
Term 3 has been very creative for the Year 5’s. Our major inquiry was: How we organise ourselves - advertising influences, what we think and the choices we make. This provided a platform...
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Growing from Seeds in 0A
Wednesday 27th September
Many classes in the Junior school were very lucky to receive an abundance of seeds from New World's Little Garden programme. Miss Anderson organised teaspoons and bowls of water for each...
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3T explore Forces
Wednesday 27th September
Year 3 have been learning about different Forces and how they affect the motion of objects. We have really enjoyed setting up and carrying out experiments and cannot believe how much we...
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Tuesday 26th September
It has been a great season so far for Kristin students competing in the FIRST Lego League Robotics and RoboCup competitions. Joshua Wu (Y10), Henry Chen(Y8), Bob Wei (Y8), Amy Chen (Y5)...
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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 21st September
Congratulations to the following students:   Year 0 Wanika Lee for showing great progress with her reading Johnny Wang for writing his stories independently ...
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بورتليت متداخلة

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Great learning and sharing in Year 5

It has been a great week this week! We have had two very unique opportunities to share our learning across the year level.

Firstly, we had the privilege of listening to an awesome debate. It was run by members of Mr Lockyer’s enrichment group who worked hard to try to persuade us that a specific body system was the most important! We learnt heaps, not only about the big body systems like the skeletal system and the respiratory system, but also about the chemical systems like the endocrine system and the immune system. The debaters used incredibly powerful persuasive language tools to convince us. Congratulations to the chemical body systems people – they were judged the winning team on the day!

The second cool opportunity we had to share our learning was through two awesome APPs, one called Explain Everything and the other called Aurasma. We worked hard on our personal inquiries to research and answer a key question about a specific body system. Then we wrote explanations to answer our questions. We recorded these on Explain Everything and uploaded these to Aurasma.  We then used graffiti boards we had made to use as an aura that others could scan with their Aurasma APP to listen to our recordings. We spent some time visiting each Year 5 room to see other people’s graffiti boards and to listen to their explanations. This was a great way to enrich our own learning.